The Benefits of Good Sleep for Children

It still is not known exactly why people need sleep, but it is known that sleep is a restorative period for the mind when the active waking day ceases. Sleep enables memories to be built through brain connections and helps manage the emotions of the day. A child who has interrupted sleep patterns or insufficient sleep presents with difficulties in concentration, memory and cognitive processes. Sleeplessness also results in a child who is unable to control emotions such as anger. The immune system is strengthened during sleep and body cell growth takes place during the night’s sleep.

Does Your Child have a Sleep Problem?

A sleep situation is only a problem if parents find it problematic to cope with. Different child sleep management styles are seen across cultures. Most research suggests that a tired child, unable to fall asleep within 30 minutes, waking during the night for support might require some management. Does your baby, infant or child...

  • have difficulty falling asleep?
  • experience night awakenings?
  • find it difficult to fall asleep after night awakenings?
  • insist on an all night cafeteria service/TV/CD/DVD?
  • wake too early or too late?
  • appear not to need sleep?

If any of these situations describes your child then help can be provided for you. Please contact us for further details.

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In your words...

'We were amazed at how quickly the advice we were given worked. Our one year old did not sleep through for eleven months and now she does. It has worked a dream.'
Mrs H - Leeds 15

'The service is excellent. My daughter was waking 8 – 12 times a night and after three weeks of the programme she slept through and has continued to sleep through three months later.'
Mrs and Mrs F - Leeds 19

Personal Package

Initial 2-3 hour home consultation, in depth assessment of your child's sleep history, current sleep problems and your desired sleep objective and purpose, preparation of tailored individual printed sleep plan, four further sleep programme support contacts either home or telephone planned to fit into your family timetable.

Other services

Telephone/Skype/Email Package

Suitable for busy parents, or parents based further afield or residing outside the UK. An initial one hour planned consultation with two further one hour support contacts during the programme. Evening or weekend appointments can be arranged.

Other services

Antenatal/New Baby Package

The antenatal/new baby package provides parents an opportunity to discuss how to encourage their baby to develop good sleep habits during the early months. Parental confidence in managing the new baby is increased thus supporting secure attachment and bonding to the new family member.

Other services