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Sleep problems are very common during childhood, starting from infancy to adolescence. Even though sleep disorders are common in children they are often under-recognised. Most of these conditions are preventable or treatable and usually have a significant effect on the child and their family's lives. Sleep impacts on every aspect of a developing child's functioning and timely intervention of sleep disorders positively affect a child's well being.

Chronic sleep deprivation has significant effects not only with children's sleep patterns but also on learning, memory, attention and well being. It results in an increased risk of accidents and risk taking behaviour. Additionally, there is disruption to family wellbeing, attachment and bonding between parent and the young infant is impacted upon. Research highlights an increase in post natal depression experienced by sleep deprived mothers.

Early identification of sleep problems with appropriate advice and support is essential. The majority of sleep issues can be diagnosed and managed using a range of simple child centred behavioural approaches with far reaching improvement in the child's and wider family's wellbeing.

Sarah Barnes

Sarah has 15 years experience focusing on childrens' sleep management within the NHS. Developing and managing a busy Children's sleep clinic, providing individual clinical sleep assessment and support, preparation of sleep NHS publications and training of a range of medical, nursing, midwifery staff. In 2008 Sarah received an award for her work with non-sleeping children. Sarah has contributed to interactive sleep discussions on BBC Radio Leeds and also contributes articles to media publications.

Sarah has worked in the private sector for the past five years and continues to maintain links with the NHS.

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'Sarah helped us to be able to manage and modify our childrens' sleep habits in a kind and gentle way. Her ability to coach you through this change is invaluable and worth every penny. I can't praise her enough'
Kathryn Parkinson N Leeds - Rested mum of William 3 years and Emily 8 months


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Sarah has contributed to interactive sleep discussions on BBC.

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Personal Package

Initial 2-3 hour home consultation, in depth assessment of your child's sleep history, current sleep problems and your desired sleep objective and purpose, preparation of tailored individual printed sleep plan, four further sleep programme support contacts either home or telephone planned to fit into your family timetable.

Other services

Telephone/Skype/Email Package

Suitable for busy parents, or parents based further afield or residing outside the UK. An initial one hour planned consultation with two further one hour support contacts during the programme. Evening or weekend appointments can be arranged.

Other services

Antenatal/New Baby Package

The antenatal/new baby package provides parents an opportunity to discuss how to encourage their baby to develop good sleep habits during the early months. Parental confidence in managing the new baby is increased thus supporting secure attachment and bonding to the new family member.

Other services