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Child sleep specialist - holistic sleep solutions

Gentle Sleep Solutions offers professional assistance in helping your infant, toddler, child settle at bed time and sleep soundly, restoring health, harmony and balance within your family.

Step by step, parents discover how they can learn new skills in managing sleep situations so that a gentle change is effected. Children are helped to gain a better night’s sleep, even in the most difficult circumstances.

The Gentle Sleep Solutions Method

  • The Gentle sleep solutions approach does not support letting a baby or child "cry it out alone"
  • Gentle Sleep Solutions are centred holistically and in the child’s interest
  • Parents are supported in finding a middle ground allowing their child to learn how to sleep and offering love and support throughout the process
  • Current evidence based research is incorporated into all sleep advice
  • By following this approach 97% of children experience improvement in their sleep pattern

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In your words...

'Sarah is a calming influence in a stressful situation providing great support and ideas to resolve our little boy's sleep problems. Bedtime is now a happy event and we have our evenings back. Thank you!'
Beckie Castle, Pocklington - Son, age 18 months

Personal Package

Initial 2-3 hour home consultation, in depth assessment of your child's sleep history, current sleep problems and your desired sleep objective and purpose, preparation of tailored individual printed sleep plan, four further sleep programme support contacts either home or telephone planned to fit into your family timetable.

Other services

Telephone/Skype/Email Package

Suitable for busy parents, or parents based further afield or residing outside the UK. An initial one hour planned consultation with two further one hour support contacts during the programme. Evening or weekend appointments can be arranged.

Other services

Antenatal/New Baby Package

The antenatal/new baby package provides parents an opportunity to discuss how to encourage their baby to develop good sleep habits during the early months. Parental confidence in managing the new baby is increased thus supporting secure attachment and bonding to the new family member.

Other services